1) bouppteckning
2) arv

Nederlands-Zweeds woordenboek. 2014.

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  • boodle — noun Etymology: Dutch boedel estate, lot, from Middle Dutch; akin to Old Norse būth booth Date: 1833 1. a collection or lot of persons ; caboodle 2. a. bribe money b. a large amount especially of money …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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  • Wybo Fijnje — (Zwolle, 24 January 1750 – Amsterdam, 2 October 1809) was a Dutch Mennonite minister, publisher in Delft, Patriot, exile, coup perpetrator, politician and during the French era manager of the state newspaper. LifeEarly lifeFijnje grew up in… …   Wikipedia

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  • caboodle — ca|boo|dle [kəˈbu:dl] n [Date: 1800 1900; Origin: Probably from boodle crowd, collection, lot (19 20 centuries), from Dutch boedel property ] the whole (kit and) caboodle informal everything ▪ I think it s time to replace the whole caboodle:… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • boodle — 1833, crowd; 1858, phony money, especially graft money, actual or potential (1883), both Amer.Eng. slang, either or both based on BUNDLE (Cf. bundle), or from Du. boedel property …   Etymology dictionary

  • kit and caboodle — also kaboodle, 1861, from KIT (Cf. kit) (n.1) in dismissive sense number of things viewed as a whole (1785) + boodle lot, collection, perhaps from Du. boedel property. Kit also was paired with other words in similar formations …   Etymology dictionary

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